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What to Expect at Greg Miles Chiropractor

Our Wanganui team will make you feel at home.

Our Wanganui team will make you feel at home.

If you’ve ever gone to a social event where you didn’t know anyone, you know how uncomfortable that can make you feel. Our goal is to eliminate every shred of apprehension and make you feel at home.

Your First Visit

On your first visit you will be welcomed into our office and giving a set of forms to complete, to get your health history. You will then meet Dr. Miles, who will complete a thorough examination of your posture and spine, and if x-rays are needed these will be done on site.

You will be given a time for your report of findings visit, usually within a few days. This visit will be 30 minutes.

Greg Miles adjusts a patient in Wanganui

Wanganui Chiropractor, Greg Miles adjusts a patient.

Your Second Visit

On your Report of Findings visit, Dr. Miles will show you your x-rays and explain how your posture and spine is effecting your health. Dr. miles will explain what type of care programme is required to get you back to full health. You will then be given your first spinal adjustment , to start the healing process. This visit will be 30 minutes.

A Typical Visit to Greg Miles Chiropractor

A typical office visit will consist of being taking into one of our adjusting rooms, relaxing first, to ensure your muscles are full relaxed, then Dr Miles will perform a spinal adjustment, in the relevant areas of your spine. Visits typically take 10 -15 minutes.

If you think that you or a loved one is a good candidate for chiropractic care, contact Greg Miles Chiropractor to arrange a thorough examination in our practice.