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Dr Cory Palmer


Chiropractic to me is nothing short of daily miracles.


The ability to watch peoples life change is the most rewarding occupation in the world. I came into chiropractic purely because of logic. A Dr came up to me one day and said: "you can always buy a new car if yours break down, but you can't buy a new body so why not take care of yours?"  That made complete sense to me and ever since I have been pursuing Health. If you have that mindset young men and women can become Elite and old men and women can age with grace in that same car.


I look forward to serving the community of Stratford and New Plymouth, becoming a leader of the community. My goal is to make the Taranaki Region known as the healthiest region in New Zealand. It starts one day at a time one miracle at a time.

My name is Dr. Cory Palmer and I look forward to meeting you and your family and helping you reach your health goals.


Open hours: 

Tuesday & Thursday 9am-5.30pm

Friday 9am-12pm

No X-ray facilities at the Stratford clinic

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89 Regan Street,


(06) 765 5354

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