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Dr Paula Brown

I’m Dr. Paula Brown, originally from Newcastle in England. Whilst working as a registered nurse in the U.K., I suffered many years of back pain. As a last resort I turned to chiropractic care and soon realised that not only were the pain levels decreasing but I started to notice other changes. Energy levels and my ability to concentrate improved, but also balance, sleep and digestion significantly improved as well.

My career took a change in direction when I decided to train as a chiropractor. Not long after qualifying I had twin girls- Grace and Olivia. They received their first adjustment immediately after birth. Since becoming a mother, my passion lies in helping other mothers and their families to be happier and healthier. I love seeing entire families under care, from pregnant women and babies to the elderly. Everyone can benefit from chiropractic care.


Dr Marie Brunsart


My Chiropractic journey actually started with my mother being under care during her pregnancy. Growing up I was lucky to experience first hand the benefits of making chiropractic part of a healthy lifestyle and became fully aware of it when people around me started to consider aches & pain or headaches as “normal”. I became fascinated by the Chiropractic understanding that the body has an inherent ability to heal itself and that every one of us can thrive to achieve our optimal potential. 

After training in New Zealand and seeing the changes experienced by people when their spine and nervous system are free of interferences, I am more than ever passionate about sharing this knowledge with the community so that everyone can enjoy a life full of health and vitality!

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