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Dr Greg Miles D.C.

Chiropractor/ Founder

I was introduced to chiropractic in very dire circumstances. I had a severe lumbar disc injury, which almost stopped me walking. Fortunately I met a chiropractic student- Erni Forcetti- who suggested I come with him to the chiropractic university for a examination. The professors said “damage to the discs is not good” but a two week trial under chiropractic adjustments to the spine was worth a try.

Having experienced fantastic results, I was over the moon and decided I wanted to be able to help people in this amazing way – naturally.

Long story short – this led me to a five year degree course which changed the lives of my family and myself.

I have now been in practice for twenty seven years and every day I am thankful for Chiropractic and the way in which it can change people’s lives. To be able to live a life full of energy, vitality and dignity is everyone’s right. Try Chiropractic you will be truly amazed!

Sharree Bellve

Chiropractic Assistant

My journey in chiropractic began 16 years ago, and it is a role I really love as nothing compares to the positive experiences here. The atmosphere, culture and care shown within our clinic are both inspiring and rewarding. Still to this day chiropractic care continues to impress me with the results I see at the clinic, from infants overcoming colic to elderly patients maintaining active lifestyles pain-free!

Assisting the dedicated and skilled chiropractors for all these years has taught me so much about myself and how to care for my body and mind. Learning the importance of chiropractic care has meant not only am I being adjusted on a regular basis but my husband, children and parents visit the clinic too!

When you visit Greg Miles Chiropractor in Hawera you’ll find me at the front desk, greeting you by name with a smile and ready to have an interesting chat with you. Because I want all our patients to feel at home, as well as understanding and enjoying the benefits of chiropractic care.



Chiropractic Assistant

I have come from a long career in hospitality and being a business owner, dealing with people comes naturally to me. I love meeting new patients and seeing how they journey in chiropractic changes their lives. My husband and father in law have been having chiropractic treatment for years. This is my first encounter with chiropractic and has totally changed my perspective on how I view healthcare.

Dr Josephine Miles


Dr Jo enthusiastically joined the family business across 2 locations- Hawera and Feilding. Dr Jo is passionate about the health and well-being of her community members and society at large. She loves the experience of working with people of all ages and stages- from newborns, to the elderly, the desk bound, tradies, farmers, the elderly and
elite athletes.

Dr Jo is a big believer in proactive lifelong health care and heads up the Straighten Up New Zealand initiative which is aimed at making Postural health a priority for all kiwis through a regular set of daily 3 minute exercises.

If you would like to learn how Dr Jo can help you, your family and your community work towards a healthier future please contact us now for an appointment.

Holly Winter

Chiropractic Assistant

Chiropractic is somewhat a family business for Holly- her mother Michelle also worked in the same clinic as a young woman alongside Sharree!


Holly is currently in the middle of a scholarship at an American University where she is a top amateur golfer and has joined our team for the duration of her summer holidays. Holly met Dr Jo on her last summer break where she embraced a Chiropractic programme and has made it a regular part of her regime aimed at getting the most out of her body and improving overall performance.



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