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About Greg Miles Chiropractor | Wanganui, Hawera and New Plymouth

Returning to Wanganui

Dr Greg Miles (Chiropractor) and his team in Wanganui

Dr Greg Miles (Chiropractor) and his team in Wanganui

Greg Miles Chiropractor was first established in Wanganui in February 2010 after my wife, Laryne, and I returned to New Zealand after a stint in the UK.  We modeled Greg Miles Chiropractor on our previous practices in both Wanganui and in the UK, where we established five chiropractic offices, each with multiple chiropractors. We felt our roots were in New Zealand and particularly Wanganui, so it was an easy decision to set up a practice here again.

We opened our Hawera practice in 2013, and our New Plymouth practice in 2015.

Better Health For All

Our practice has a professional look, great feel and welcoming atmosphere. Our main focus is to fully explore the “Better health for all” philosophy, incorporating Chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle.

Our Mission at Greg Miles Chiropractor

Our mission is to inspire our people and their families to reach their health goals for a happy, healthier life, filled with energy, vitality and inspiration. We want to spread the huge benefits of Chiropractic to the Wanganui , Hawera and New Plymouth communities. We provide the best Chiropractic care available to enable our patients to achieve their full health potential, no matter what their age!

At Greg Miles Chiropractor, we offer Chiropractic care for all ages in Wanganui!

At Greg Miles Chiropractor, we offer Chiropractic care for all ages!

Chiropractic Care for All Ages

Our ideal patients come from all walks of life and from every age group, from newborns to the elderly and everything in between. Those who get amazing results must first open their minds to new possibilities, so don’t say never!

Many of our patients ask us, “Why have I been told that nothing can be done for my situation?” Our answer? Chiropractic looks at health from a different angle and looks at what is possible.

Helping Wanganui Making Positive Changes

We would like to see the Wanganui, Hawera and New Plymouth communities getting quality chiropractic care – it changes, enhances and improves lives, health and health outlooks, for the better!

Call Greg Miles Chiropractor at (06) 348-7474 to get started today.