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Meet Your Health Team | Greg Miles Chiropractor

Dr. Greg Miles – Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C. USA)

greg-milesI was introduced to chiropractic in very dire circumstances. I had a severe lumbar disc injury, which almost stopped me walking. Unable to walk unassisted or sit for long, I was resigned to a diagnosis which recommended surgical fusion of the lower spine. Fortunately I met a chiropractic student Erni Forcetti, who suggested I come with him to the chiropractic university for a examination. The professors said “damage to the discs is not good” but a two week trial under chiropractic adjustments to the spine was worth a try.

Within a week I was able to walk up straight and pain was markedly reduced. I was naturally over the moon and decided I wanted to be able to help people in this amazing way – naturally.

Long story short – this led me to a five year degree course which changed the lives of my family and myself.

I have now been in practice for twenty two years and every day I am thankful for Chiropractic and the way in which it can change people’s lives. To be able to live a life full of energy, vitality and dignity is everyone’s right. Try Chiropractic you will be truly amazed!

Dr Joyce Sutton-Davis – Doctor of Chiropractic

joyce-sutton-davisDr Joyce Sutton-Davis grew up in Palmerston North, calling Manawatu her home. She lived in Auckland for almost ten years completing her chiropractic degree and then staying to complete her Post Graduate Residency in Radiology, but now Dr Joyce has come back to the Manawatu and settled down with her husband and two dogs.

Dr Joyce loves taking care of her local community and helping empower her clients to be the healthiest and best version of themselves, she takes care of people through pregnancy, from birth and every life stage through to the elderly.

If you are interested in getting your spine back to its best, give the clinic a call!

Dr. Paula Brown – Doctor of Chiropractic

I’m Dr. Paula Brown, originally from Newcastle in England. Whilst working as a registered nurse in the U.K., I suffered many years of back pain. I tried several different therapies and a cocktail of medications but none of them provided any significant relief of the pain. As a last resort I turned to chiropractic care and soon realised that not only were the pain levels decreasing but I started to notice other changes. Energy levels and my ability to concentrate improved, but also balance, sleep and digestion significantly improved as well.

My career took a change in direction when I decided to train as a chiropractor. I have seen lives transformed physically and emotionally through drug free care.

I now have twin girls, Grace and Olivia. They received their first adjustment immediately after birth. Since becoming a mother, my passion lies in helping other mothers and their families to be happier and healthier. I love seeing entire families under care, from pregnant women and babies to the elderly. Everyone can benefit from chiropractic care.

Dr. Josephine Miles, BSc(Chiro), MNZCA

josephine-milesDr Josephine Miles enthusiastically joins the family business across 3 locations- Whanganui, Hawera and Feilding. Dr Jo is passionate about the health and well-being of her community members and society at large. She loves the experience of working with people of all ages and stages- from newborns, to the elderly, the desk bound, tradies, farmers, the elderly and
elite athletes.

Dr Jo is a big believer in proactive lifelong health care and heads up the Straighten Up New Zealand initiative which is aimed at making Postural health a priority for all kiwis through a regular set of daily 3 minute exercises (in much the same way we all prevent tooth decay
through daily brushing, these exercises seek to prevent ill health brought about by poor posture).

If you would like to learn how Dr Jo can help you, your family and your community work towards a healthier future please contact us now for an appointment.

Rita Parsottam –Office Manager/Chiropractic Assistant

I was introduced to chiropractic wellness having taken a part-time role at clinic whilst working towards a degree in psychology. Surprisingly I discovered the chiropractic philosophy captured the very essence of why I decided to study psychology –working in a field dedicated towards helping people make a positive difference in their lives, through a holistic approach.

In addition to working within a rewarding environment focused on the positive well-being of people; I myself have had the fortune of discovering the amazing healing benefits of regular chiropractic care, having years of constant tension headaches finally being eliminated.

Laryne Miles – Chiropractic Assistant (C.A.)

I became involved with chiropractic when my husband Greg became a student at Life Chiropractic University in Atlanta USA.

During the Five years at university I became aware of how chiropractic was so much more than a cure for back pain, and how the power of the nervous system, can control our health and make life worth living – free from pain and filled with vitality.

Our love for Wanganui has brought us here to live twice in the past 22 years. We both love our work and look forward to availing our citizens of the best possible health care and wellness advice. We have a dedicated health team, here to fulfill your goals for better health – Naturally.

Nancye Dobbyn – Chiropractic Assistant (C.A.)

Years ago I drifted in and out as a patient under Chiropractic care. At that time I was not aware of all the many benefits of chiropractic care and wellness. I treated Chiropractic as just another cure for back pain along with painkillers and anti – inflammatories.

Over the past few years, the potential for better health, offered by chiropractic, has become clear to me, and improved my life and lifestyle immensely.

I now enjoy walking, step classes, and circuits at the gym.

At a time when my life was taking a new direction, I was offered a position to train as a Chiropractic assistant by Dr. Greg Miles.

Fortunately I grasped this opportunity, to help others understand the huge benefits that chiropractic has to offer to children and adults of all ages. I have never looked back and I now enjoy each day, knowing that I am making a difference to many people’s health and lifestyles.

Jo Carr – Chiropractic Assistant (C.A.)

Before I became a C.A. I worked in physical education, teaching primary and pre-school children the importance of exercise and body and health awareness.

Chiropractic has always been my preferred method of health care, not only for my family, but also for my horses ( my other passion).

When I was offered the opportunity to work in a dynamic health and wellness practice alongside Dr. Greg and Laryne Miles, I jumped at the chance.

What I love most about being a C.A. is that I get to see lives change, in a very positive way each day.

My outside interests, are my family and of course spending as much time in my arena at home, working with my horses.